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We do have a qualified specialists in the accounting field, both in Poland and in Great Britain.  In our midst, apart from professional accountants with experience in corporations and law firms, we also have individuals with entrepreneurs’ experience and this is only one of our many advantages.

Thanks to that we can think as an entrepreneurs, therefore far beyond the frame. We think and we have specific opinions. That is our second advantage. What is more, probably we are the only accounting company in Poland which has its own branch in England, and what is more, we are the company which in a reliable way can introduce tax optimization in accordance with the Accounting Law. At the same time we guarantee to provide accounting services and PAYE in accordance to applicable rules and formal and substantive requirements.

A good accounting office equals in reliable bookkeeping and individual client approach. We do provide both reliable and professional accountancy but also rapid financial information and advice. We do help our clients in legal, tax and accounting sectors of running their company. What’s more, we do it in a way which allows these sectors to be more profit and more efficient. We do work in a very rational way, our prices depends on the tasks commissioned by our clients. The more advanced cases the better solutions, which makes us even smoother in operating of entities in the entire Poland.

As a company, we have years of experience in dealing with small and medium companies, thanks to which we do our job efficiently, quickly and accurately. Our comprehensive offers are developed for both individuals and large enterprises in which highest quality of accounting services is very important.

In order to give you, as our client, the highest quality of services, we are trying to get inside your business to get to know you, your work industry and the way it all cooperate with each other. All of that allows us to choose the most accurate instruments for tax optimization and to solve any tax and legal nature problems.

We do offer to our clients face-to-face meetings, during which we explain all unclear issues which are connected with using both Polish and English provisions of tax law.

We really appreciate your time, therefore we reduce to a minimum time for contacting with any government agencies. We also adapt our services to the individual customer needs, bearing in mind welfare of your interests.


Our philosophy

A good accounting office means a reliable bookkeeping and individual approach to the client. We provide for our customers a reliable and professional bookkeeping, fast financial information and advice in almost all possible accounting fields.



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